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Hey, there! Meet Yamarie.

Trauma-Informed Breakthrough Coach & Intuitive Healer

As a former perfectionist and overachiever who realized that her “boss bitch” energy was really a manifestation of high-functioning anxiety and maladaptive coping strategies, I too know the struggle that comes with not trusting life and feeling like you’re constantly doing the ‘inner work’ yet struggling to see the results you desire.

I work with fierce, fabulous, ambitious women who are eager and willing to do the work, want lasting change, but haven’t yet realized that the same strategy they used to make them “better” is precisely what’s blocking them from getting to their next level.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of these women. You work hard, you don’t give up, and you give of yourself generously. You learned how to turn your past pain, trauma, and adversity into opportunity and you didn’t allow it to make you bitter in the process. But this my love, is precisely the problem…

Haven’t you noticed that the more you try, the harder it gets? That the more you go after the very thing you want, the farther away it seems to be? It’s because when it comes to manifesting, the same coping techniques we learned to keep us safe or help us thrive in high stress environments can trip up our manifestation process.What you’ve been confusing for self-empowerment and manifestation is actually rooted in self-preservation.


Your superpower has unfortunately become your kryptonite and your personal development tools have become a sneaky way of earning and forcing the outcomes instead of allowing them to unfold as a natural byproduct of you just being.Bottom line, you’re not flawed, you’re not cursed, your strategy is. Ready to learn how to use your energy, emotions, and experiences for you, not against you?Schedule a complimentary call to learn how to tune into your wisdom, create profound shifts in your life and finally experience the change, balance, and clarity you’ve been looking for.


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5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78727  |  Tel: 917.397.0722

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