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Is every day a battle against life's unseen chains, holding you back from the life and the love you know you’re deserving of? 

You're not alone. Many smart, driven, resilient women just like you find themselves stuck in this paradox – outwardly successful but internally grappling with a sense of dissatisfaction and stagnation. It's like being cursed, isn't it? The overwhelm and the shadow of setbacks lurking behind each new accomplishment. You've read the books, attended the seminars, even dabbled in various therapeutic modalities – yet, the puzzle remains incomplete.

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If you've been chasing personal growth but can't pinpoint why progress keeps slipping right through your fingers, it's time for a new approach. Born from my own battle scars and victories, SLAY is a signature self-mastery framework that gets to the heart of what's holding you back. 

Our program isn't just about stepping into your power—it's about redefining it from the inside out. It takes courage to face the shadows of the past and the stories that have shaped you, but here, that journey is fundamental. You're not just building skills; you're crafting a resilient self-concept anchored in healing and self-discovery.

Unlike traditional empowerment programs, we navigate the intricate layers of your psyche, gently unravelling and mending the core wounds that have been unconsciously shaping the results in your life.

Our approach intertwines therapeutic techniques and compassionate introspection, enabling you to dissolve sabotaging aspects of your self-image so that you can peel back the layers of who you are and step into who you aspire to be. Ready to get to the root cause of what's stunting your growth? Let's SLAY your way to real results and lasting liberation.

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Meet The Warriors Reborn Through Slay

Real, NY

Yamarie gives it to you straight but with compassion. Working with her taught me how to get out of my own way, recognize triggers and diffuse them.

Dr. Loubna, NJ

After only a couple of sessions, I started feeling more in control of my emotions, developing the right boundaries, and trusting more my inner intuition for guidance.

Sutton, NY

I'm so thankful for how Yamarie continues to challenge me and most importantly inspire me. She's truly my secret weapon on this journey called life.

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