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#MindYourMindMondays 5-4-20

Valerie Dinglas, Wellness Lifestyle Consultant

Namaste N' Slay is super excited to introduce #MindYourMindMondays in partnership with Valerie Dinglas, our new Mindfulness Coach at Val is a wellness lifestyle consultant, meditation teacher, and past life regression coach, contributing her 10+ years of combined experience with the Namaste N' Slay community.

Follow Namaste N' Slay on Instagram to join Val every Monday at 8 AM ET for live mindfulness exercises.

The theme of our first #MindYourMindMondays was Heart & Mind Alignment. Whenever our hearts and minds are misaligned we feel stuck. The more misaligned we are, the more internal and external resistance we'll experience in our lives.

Didn't get to join us for our first LIVE? Click on the audio file below to listen to Val's channeled meditation.

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